NM4EP Releases Video Highlighting Benefits of State Land Activity in New Mexico

February 13, 2019

The statewide economic advocacy coalition New Mexicans for Economic Prosperity (NM4EP) released a new whiteboard video today entitled, “How Does New Mexico Benefit from State Land Development?” The video explains the economic benefits from a variety of activities occurring on state lands in New Mexico.

This video is part of a new educational campaign from NM4EP describing how the responsible use of state lands – be it energy, agriculture, recreation, or many other activities – is benefiting all New Mexicans.

“New Mexico’s state trust lands have an enormous economic impact. Activities on these lands create high-paying jobs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars each year for education and health care. Equally important, these activities occur in harmony with some of the country’s best outdoor recreation opportunities, which help attract visitors from around the world to New Mexico,” Kyler Nerison, NM4EP executive director, said. “It’s important for New Mexicans to understand how we all benefit from state trust lands and how our balanced approach is helping to deliver economic prosperity.”

In fiscal year 2017, the Land Maintenance Fund and the Land Grant Permanent Fund, which are made up of revenues from state lands, distributed $723 million to public schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, and other public institutions.

Additionally, state lands support tens of thousands of jobs in oil and gas production, agriculture, mining, and renewable energy.

Of New Mexico’s 9 million acres of state trust land, fewer than 24 percent are leased for oil and gas development. Even so, oil and gas has accounted for over 93 percent of state land revenue.

“Continuing this balanced approach could even allow for expanded energy development alongside recreation, grazing, and other economic activities that create jobs and generate funds for our state,” Nerison said.

Watch the video above or click here. Visit our resources page to access other facts and data regarding New Mexico’s state trust lands.