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Key Facts:

  • New Mexico has had one of the top performing state economies since 2017.
  • In the first quarter of 2017, New Mexico had the third-fastest growing economy in the United States.
  • The oil and gas industry makes up 10% of the state’s economy and is responsible for approximately 30% of all revenue that flows into the New Mexico General Fund.
  • Oil and gas production is the largest source of revenue for New Mexico’s public schools.
  • New Mexico is the largest potash producing state in the country.
  • The New Mexico oil and gas industry supports 100,000 jobs.
  • Federal lands account for 55% of New Mexico oil production and 62% of New Mexico natural gas production.
  • The average salary in the New Mexico oil and gas industry is $71,505 — nearly 60% higher than the $44,840 average salary across all industries in 2017.
  • In 2017, New Mexico was the fastest growing state in terms of new wind power capacity.
  • Outdoor recreation in New Mexico supports $2.8 billion in salaries and wages.